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Akeldnok Partners will deliver every package within 24 hours. Easy to track and easy to send.

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Sophistication made-easy. Our advanced GPS driven algorithms optimize our fuel spend. We beat every local courier firm on our pricing, sizing and delivery times.
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Akeldnok FAQ

Akeldnok is an online, on-demand concierge messenger service that delivers parcels and documents from your hand to theirs in the shortest time and lowest price. Simply go to akeldnok.co.za via your mobile phone and we will do the rest. We are a local distribution service that takes care of all your express delivery needs at a price that is 50% lower than industry norms.

Akeldnok is perfect for individuals, small and large businesses who are value price, time and quality services for the product delivery needs. Gone are the days of queuing in malls and shopping centres to send your precious cargo for 3 days at prices that don't reflect the urgency.

We charge one price for all package size with a 24 hour-delivery promise. Go to our mobile portal and see for yourself.

Key differences from existing service providers:
* Minimalistic, extremely easy-to-use online interface
* up to 50% lower prices, 24-hour/same-day promise
* Established local partners and suppliers who strengthen our offering to you.

Partners are our most valuable assets.

Akeldnok Partners 

Why Akeldnok Partners?

Akeldnok Partners is our vast partner program for car owners to earn measurable and tangible additional income. Built on the premise of maximized earnings, convenience and security, the quickest way to earn while you earn with your car.  

No passengers. No cash. You choose which orders to take and which orders to leave.

AkeldNok Partners turns your time from a liability to an asset. Use your time without losing time. Earn by just driving to and from work.

A life well-lived begins with opportunities well-taken. Akeldnok Partners provides you this limited opportunity to become one of our select few partners. Join Akeldnok Partners today.

To become an Akeldnok Partner, simply complete our Application form and send us an email on info@akeldnok.co.za with the required documents.

Apply here!

As a registered entity, we are required to vet all our partners for the security of our clients and transit parcels.

Akeldnok, through its service providers will make standard background checks on all applicants which include ID, Drivers Licence and Criminal Checks.

The applicant will be required to pay a fee (deducted from earnings) to cover the above checks and the Partner induction process. No additional sign-up or induction fees will be levied or payable thereafter.


A clean and roadworthy vehicle. Preferably a 2010 model or later.
Copy of Identification Document (RSA)
Copy of Passport (Foreign Nationals)
Copy of Drivers Licence
Proof of Residence (not older than 3 months)
A non-smiling "selfie" with a white background.


Basics - Make Money

An algorithm drivern collect & delivery services that brings clients to you. No calling, advertising or marketing. Simple pick-up and drop.

Mobile Friendly

Best in its class technology that is in the palm of your hand. Akeldnok partners connects you to the clients in the courier industry directly via your mobile.


Get a daily summary of your drop-offs and pick-ups in one place or two. Our platform allows you to track your progress on handhelds and PCs.


Rolbal Ave,
South Africa


Email: info@akeldnok.co.za